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  2. Offers for tickets can be no more than face value.
  3. Reply to existing topics for events rather than create new topics.
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Postby toast » Sat Apr 25, 2009 11:39 am

The sports forum is in no way exempt from our rules on face value selling.

You can not charge more than it costs to buy a ticket from the official vendor.
Official vendor being the initial source of tickets and does not include tout sites that have resold the ticket or package holiday sites or otherwise.

If you think your tickets are so in demand that you should be able to make a profit on them SELL THEM SOMEWHERE ELSE. There are hundreds of other websites easily found that will happily provide you with this service.
If you are listing a ticket please state the price you are asking and that this price is face value or less. If this information is missing AND we get any report you are attempting to tout we will instantly ban you without investigating further.

Please report all touts to the sports mods (yellowy/orange names below each topic title) or myself using the PM feature or the "Report post" feature (bottom left of all posts).
DO NOT put up requests for tickets offering more than face value or with "wink wink nudge nudge" statements about extras in it for someone who sells to you.
YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED offer more than face value via PM either. When investigating incidents of touting we will check PMs and if PMmed offers over face value are found we'll ban you too.

I understand that for some people there is slightly more acceptance to touting sports tickets than gig tickets for some reason. This is not the case on this site and will never be. We'd rather a small dedicated core of users to reversing that trend than 1000s of users who just attempt to tout. Also keep in mind people attempting to tout on this site over sites that actually allow it are either desperate for a buyer at their inflated prices or banned from other sites. In both situations you'd be doing yourself and others a disservice in dealing with them rather than reporting them.

Don't forget to check our anti-scam thread before buying
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